2020 Annual Review; Overcoming Inertia and Building Momentum for 2021

Shay, Matt, and Mike joined me for the combined Bike Your Park/Bike Travel Weekend overnight

Driving out to Bike Your Park/Bike Travel Weekend combined event by Adventure Cycling Association I said to Shay Daylami, “So much of it (getting out for an overnight) is overcoming inertia. You can always come up with reasons not to plan an overnight, not to want to spend the time packing up the bike. But once you do it (overcome the inertia) you realize it is not that hard.” Listening to myself, I decided to make overnights a monthly thing and promote them with our local Facebook group, BurritoPackingNV. Looking back over 2020 there was a lot of great exploring of Nevada’s backroads by bicycle.

Fishing, Railroads, and Community

Big Creek, Toiyabe Range

I invested in a Tenkara fly rod this year and found there was no cost to including fly fishing in my explorations. I live is a desert that has great fishing opportunities. We have several terminal rivers, the Truckee, Carson, Walker, Reese, Quinn and Humboldt as well as wonderful little creeks with diverse species to fish. I find myself giggling pulling fish out of the remote pocket waters. My favorite bikefishing trip this year was exploring the creeks flowing down the eastern slopes of the White Mountains. I made a couple of trips to Desert Creek and was super happy to hear some friends had a great time fishing following my lead. Bikefishing will continue in 2021.

Wadsworth Trestle

I followed 4 abandoned railroad beds this year. I started on the Pyramid Lake Paiute Reservation and followed the Fernley-Lassen grade from Wadsworth to Flanigan Siding. I also got out to the Nevada Central (Austin, NV), Nevada Copper Belt (Yerrington, NV), and Schurz-Rawhide Railway (Rawhide Mining District) grades. I feel like these are true archaeological expeditions, following civilizations that were reclaimed by the desert only shortly after they were finished. The story of the railroad in Nevada is shadowed by the boom and bust economy of the mining industry.

Pine Nuts Overnight with Marc Pfister and Doug Artman

Our local bikepacking community got a little more organized this year. Following Bikepacking.com’s article on building community BurritoPackingNV was formed in February this year. It has quickly grown to about 150 local/regional members with contributions up and down the eastern Sierras and western Nevada. It has been a place to promote events put forward by Adventure Cycling Association, Bikepacking.com, and Swift Industries. It also gave a place to piggyback North-Western Nevada S24O Facebook group. If I had to say one thing has boosted our local bikepacking interest it is BurritoPackingNV!

Mapping the roads in the Pine Nuts, I am pretty sure I told Marc there would not be snow.

By the Numbers; the most popular visits I had this year were for these posts:

Ride the Pony Express! In response to Jan Bennett and Bikepacking Roots, I was inspired!

The people have spoken! Search engines have found! I am listening but will keep on riding and writing on Nevada’s backroads!

My favorite WordPress Blogs; I like all the ones I follow but these are ones I go back to consistently:

I look to these for entertainment and inspiration! I learn from experts.

See you out there in 2021!

8 thoughts on “2020 Annual Review; Overcoming Inertia and Building Momentum for 2021

  1. Nice review of a prolific year. I kinda doubt bikepacking is in my future but it’s nice to see others do it and derive some vicarious enjoyment from it. Thanks again for the shout out.

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