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Fall colors west of Hunter Creek
Fall colors west of Hunter Creek

I started with Facebook photo album XNV CX, Exploring Nevada’s Dirt Roads by Cross-bike, but my cyclocross bike became my road bike and I stayed off the rocky dirt roads. The seven photos represent two rides, one above Sun Valley and the other from Wadsworth to Pyramid Lake following the Tahoe Pyramid Bikeway.

My next thoughts for showcasing Northern Nevada rides were to focus on the great road routes we have though such diverse topography. At the time Nevada’s tourism was looking for possibilities beyond the casinos and it seemed cycling could be a draw.  But mountain bike riding and racing seemed to distract me from that pursuit.

So here I am equipped with a Salsa Fargo, a smart phone, and computer. Outside my door is a state full of back-roads.

My hope for this blog is it will get you out there. If off road touring, bikepacking, or wondering where this road leads interests you then maybe you will find some inspiration here. While this is not necessarily a “how to” I will share my thoughts on gear choice, planning and preparation, and trip highlights. Lastly if any of the posts inspire you to explore Nevada’s back roads even better. The uniqueness of our landscapes is best experienced in person- on a bike.

19 thoughts on “This Blog

  1. Love your website. Founder of Cross NV Mountain Bike ride (XNVMTB) 2008. It is a charity mountain bike ride from Great Basin National Park to Reno following dirt roads. Have done it three times so far and riding August 31st to September 10th 2015 for Northern NV Childrens Cancer Foundation. Please visit for details. Will be riding without support vehicle this year. Nevada is the best bikecamping area in the country – in my unbiased opinion.

    Jason Susslin (Reno)

  2. Bill

    I found your website through a Facebook post. Nice site! I built up a Surly Pug this spring to do the same thing. A lot of the places you mention are ones I’ve been wanting to check out.

  3. I know I am probably going to embarrass myself by saying this. However, Nevada reminds me of the old game “Roadrash”!! 😀
    I look forward to reading your blog Kurstin! 🙂

      1. From what I have heard, landscape photography is the hardest. So, give yourself a pat on the back from me because I think you are doing great! 🙂
        Have a good weekend.

  4. Kurstin,

    Great blog! I have lived in Sparks, NV for the past 10 years and the areas you mention here have always intrigued me as well. I discovered Moon Rocks and the Dogskins last year and love the area. Thanks for sharing these places. I have taken up photography and see some great areas to go and shoot. Plan on exploring these areas this Spring and Summer! Might look into a fat tire bike, but need to look for something more portable to store in a van. Thanks and take care!


  5. Mack E.

    What do you recommend for a first overnighter in the Reno/Spaks area? I do lots of exploring out in our beautiful desert but I haven’t done an overnighter without my car YET.

    1. I have done a handful of overnighters above Caughlin Ranch, off Hunter Lake Rd. Super accessible. The Dog Valley area is popular with local bikepackers as well. The area between North Valleys and Winnemucca Ranch Rd seems good. There are some dry lakes above Golden Eagle Regional Park in Sparks. Let me know how it goes!

  6. Philip and Meilani

    Hi Kurstin,

    Thank you for the help planning a route north and west out of Reno. The ride along the the Winnemucca Ranch Road was fantastic! Wildflowers are just beginning to bloom on the north facing slopes above the Playa. Lots of water along the route. We are looking at a route, now, from from Susanville to Oroville. Thanks, again.

  7. Daniel H

    This is a great resource! I just moved to Sacramento from the East Coast and driving through Northern Nevada was absolutely gorgeous and I’m definitely looking forward to trying out a bunch of the routes you’ve done. Never considered Nevada would be so inspiring to go ride. I was wondering if maybe you could point me towards any group rides? Kinda nervous to just send it by myself, but I do want to get out there and explore.

  8. Thomas L Batty

    Found this blog right after I realized how close the Black Rock Desert is to my home in Lakeview Oregon. I’m in the early planning stages of a ride from Vya to Gerlach primarily following the Applegate trail. Can you give me any information on the availability of water along this route in late spring or early summer?

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