Overnight Above Reno, S24O

Ray and George setting up camp and getting ready for dinner

Raymond Eliot, our two dogs and I got out for a quick Sub-24 Overnight (S24O) between work days at the Reno Bike Project. Following the S24O model it was the perfect get away. Our bikes were packed with a little dinner, water, coffee making paraphernalia, and sleep/shelter needs.

Well loaded Salsa Fargo, 27.5+

Reno and Nevada for that matter is ideal for the S24O get away. We are surrounded by a sea of public land which welcomes campers and explorers of all kinds. One of my favorite access points to the Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest is just up the street from me, Hunter Lake Road. Of the many things that go through my mind on my rides is, “that looks like a good spot for an overnight.”

The spot I chose was a little meadow that has been protected from damage from 4-wheel drive users by old telephone poles laid down as a barrier by the local 4-wheel drive club. It was about an hour of moderate climbing to get to this spot. We hiked through the damp meadow to a high flat spot with an excellent view of Reno and the Truckee Meadows.

Dinner views of distant pyrocumulus cloud

One of the highlights of the trip were the prosciutto, brie, and fig spread sandwiches that I picked up from our local grocery. I will be adding these my regular camp menus. The views of Reno and the surrounding areas at twilight and a distant pyrocumulus clouds were our entertainment for the evening.

Sunrise over Truckee Meadows

Riding out the next morning was a breeze. Our first stop back in the neighborhood was our local bakery, House of Bread, for their morning special of biscuits and gravy. Refreshed and fueled up it was off to work.

There are great resources out there on How To S24O. I recommend BikeOverNights.org which is a resource of Adventure Cycling.  My prep went like this; I chose a spot on public land that I could get to before dark. I packed for comfort including packable camp chairs, a tent, and beers to go along with our dinner. Because of our four legged companions I carried extra food and water. My pack list wouldn’t be much different if I were out for a longer tour – probably just adding some clothing items, provisions and water purification.

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