A shot at the Black Rock Desert

Nothing is wrong with Plan B even when Plan A was so right. My hope was to make a loop through the Selenite Range from the southern end of Winnemucca Lake to Nightingale and return via Coyote Canyon. The driving rain kept us in our vehicle at the pullout. Since my ride companion had not been out to Frog Pond Hot Springs nor the Black Rock Desert I thought we could explore a gravel road that heads south from Frog Pond off Jungo Rd. through the Kumiva Valley. We only road a soggy 16 mile out-and-back but it opened my eyes to a great 70 mile route to Nixon. At times several inches of the seemingly sandy road surface was slick mud. A highlight from our trip was stopping at the Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe Museum and Visitors Center in Nixon. It is an outstanding museum of the 10,000+ years of people living in northern Nevada .

South of Frog Pond Hot Springs
A soggy day at the Black Rock Desert

One thought on “A shot at the Black Rock Desert

  1. Dad

    I feel that is outing was one of your Photo Best! Your new camera does a supper job. I am glad that I was not invited; that ride was not for beginners.

    Good job explaining the ride, very easy to follow, MORE!


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