Why this blog?

Fire road to west of Hunter Creek (2)I started with Facebook photo album XNV CX, Exploring Nevada’s Dirt Roads by Cross-bike, but my cyclocross bike became my road bike and I stayed off the rocky dirt roads. The seven photos represent two rides, one above Sun Valley and the other from Wadsworth to Pyramid Lake following the Tahoe Pyramid Bikeway.

My next thoughts for showcasing Northern Nevada rides were to focus on the great road routes we have though such diverse topography. At the time Nevada’s tourism was looking for possibilities beyond the casinos and it seemed cycling could be a draw.  But mountain bike riding and racing seemed to distract me from that pursuit.

So here I am equipped with a Salsa Fargo, a smart phone, tablet and desktop computers. Outside my door is a state full of back-roads. I am also in awe of Nevada’s natural beauty and full of Nevada pride.

My hope for this blog is it will get you out there. If off road touring, bikepacking, or wondering where this road leads interests you then maybe you will find some inspiration here. While this is not necessarily a “how to” I will share my thoughts on gear choice, planning and preparation, and trip highlights. Lastly if any of the posts inspire you to explore Nevada’s back roads even better. The uniqueness of our landscapes is best experienced in person- on a bike.

Personally I hope to practice and improve my writing skills with a topic that I find motivating and fulfilling. By joining the blogging community I have found motivating friends and new sources of encouragement.

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