Bag Party with Nuclear Sunrise Stitchworks LLC

thumbnail (18)
This Pivot is about to get bagged out! Trying on the Titan Tank for good measure

I felt very fortunate to come across the “Truckee Trunk Sale” event on Facebook. Local bikepacker Blake Bockius hosted the event so David Wilson could fire up the grill and show us his fine collection of bags. About a dozen or so riders showed up at Casa Bockius in Truckee, CA for a fun social, Nuclear Sunrise style.

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Afternoon thunderstorms didn’t slow the party! Great food, drink, company and bags

David was willing to template a custom frame bag on the spot. There were several full suspension mountain bikes that would need a creative solution to be able to carry water, repair kits, food, and a cookset in a space already filled with a shock and linkage pivots. David is clever in zipper placement, fabric choice and bag design to maximize the potential of a crowded front triangle. David had examples of lace-on frame bags and discussed bolt-in alternatives to standard Velcro strap attachment.

thumbnail (1)
David’s Titus with trail tested bags

David’s seat bags are full featured come in two sizes, the Fat Man and Little Boy, and great colors. Once I saw the mesh pocket on top of the seatbag I knew where my Spot locator would live.

thumbnail (4)
Full featured seatbags with outrageous colors, nuclear sunrise through the sage…

Nuclear Sunrise has your cockpit covered with tank bags and Silo feedbags. While custom frame bags and expandable seat bags might be intimidating for the first time luggage buyer dive into the Titan tank bag and Silo feed bags.  The tank bag can carry all those quick grab essentials, sunscreen, mini-tool, snacks, jacket, electronics. The Titan is a great size, shape, and stiffness. If you are looking for something smaller check out the Trinity tank. The Silo feed bags are perfect for snacks, electronics, a spare bottle, a cold beer, and fireworks. Once you start using these bags you wonder how you ever got along without them.

thumbnail (3)
The essential Silo feedbag, bomb proof

To round out the standard collection of bikepacking bags check out the universal Superfortress Harness. The handlebar bag is most commonly used for the lightest items such as clothes, sleeping bag, and pad. But get creative, it could be the perfect setup for carrying your Tenkara fishing setup.

Did I mention colors? Contact Nuclear Sunrise for the latest!

I look forward to giving a full field test review this fall. As soon as I have the dimensions for my custom Falconer bike I will be ordering a full set of Nuclear Sunrise bags in Coyote Brown. Stay in touch with Nuclear Sunrise on Facebook for the next Trunk Party near you!

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