Ride Report; Brunswick Cyn, Pine Nut Mtn Range

Rocky outcrop at the entrance of Brunswick Canyon

This was my fifth trip into the Pine Nut Range so I feel like I am becoming familiar with these roads. But that really is a false sense of familiarity as the OHV users in this area really have a vast network of roads and jeep trails at their disposal. When Dean and I did a loop in this area that included Sullivan Cyn Rd we crossed Brunswick Cyn Rd, and so the planning began.

Off the main road there were several feet of fresh snow

I got some local information on how to approach the ride from Bike Carson as the recent snow and rain had caused flooding limiting some access points. Dean and I drove in from Highway 50, along North Deer Run Rd to Sedge Rd. From here our ride started, first on snowy muddy slush, then on packed snow.

Spectacular winter scenery descending Brunswick Canyon

This route was fantastic! The canyon is beautiful in its geology and flora. We did see animal tracks in the snow and mountain bluebirds flitting about so I imagine wildlife viewing is outstanding at times as well.

Dean’s quick gear check

We were focused on maneuvering through the snow more so than the grade of the climb. At one point Dean commented on how slow we were going. The combination of pitch and fresh snow on packed snowy roads definitely slowed us down. But there was a good level of distraction that kept us from thinking about how much we were climbing or how much snow we were pushing through.

Always high spirits on new routes

At one point we were passed by a couple of ATV riders, one dragging a tire the other dragging a weighted section of chain link fence. We don’t know why but they were grooming about a 6 mile stretch of the road we figured as we saw them pass us four times before we saw where they ditched their grooming attachments.

Snack time

We turned around at a given point about a mile from where the road T’s into Sunrise Pass Rd. Dean and I had ridden a section of Sunrise Pass as a part of our Eldorado Cyn – Como Rd loop. This ride was to be an out and back and the downhill return was much quicker. I would recommend this route as a passage through the Pine Nuts that once tied into Sunrise Pass and Como Rd going south would be a great route to Smith Valley and beyond.

After our ride we stopped at a local taqueria, Playa Azul, for a great lunch.

Thank you to Dean Magnuson for the great company and short video of our ride.

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