Ride Report: Icy Garson Rd

Icy Turn on Garson Rd.
An early but substantial storm laid down a now icy base on upper Garson Rd.

Finding the perfect time to ride Garson Rd is tough. The draw is always there. Today there was a challenging amount of ice on the road above 7000′. Although I have studded tires on my Fargo this time of year I was riding my Surly Instigator. We have a storm due in the next couple of days. These high routes will have to be attempted with studded tires or fat tires or forgotten until late spring or early summer to thaw.

There is a lower road to the south west that will take one past Cone Peak but it too climbs above 7000′. The same road also connects to the Tahoe Pyramid Bikeway. These routes add to possibilities of this area.

Ray Eliot pedaling away on lower Garson Rd.
Manzanita producing a bright green carpet along Garson Rd framed by Rabbitbrush.

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