Spanish Springs Peak, Road-less in the Pah Rah Range

Sometimes you get to write about a failed attempt to reach the day’s objective. That is the problem with having a defined objective within a narrowly defined time period. Some authors on longer trips have written that it is important to keep daily goals much looser. The goal for this day’s outing was to climb Spanish Springs Peak, the third highest summit in the Pah Rah Range and the dominant peak overlooking Sparks, NV.

Earlier rides from Golden Eagle Park had taken me to the southern edge of Spanish Springs Peak but there were no obvious roads approaching the peak. From the north there are roads coming in through Palomino Valley but no matter the approach it was steep and road-less to the summit.

Strenuous hike a bike on Spanish Springs Peak

The strategy was to ride our fat bikes to contour our way up the mountain. The direct approach was to ride in through the housing development on the west side and switchback our way up the western slope. The fat bikes with wide tires and low gearing seemed up to task. Once we were off the dirt roads and navigating the rock and brush progress slowed.

The hike-a-bike began to dominate the trip and at time we were lifting our bikes over vertical rocky headwalls. After a few hours of punishment we realized we were still miles to the south west of the summit and hours of hike-a-bike from our goal. We enjoyed the views and the perspective of where we had ridden on rides past but eventually began our steep descent.

Looking west from a roadless point. Canoe hill in near distance and Mt. Rose in far.

Beginning our descent, Hungry Ridge and Fred's Mountain in distance.As a postscript to this ride, Dean Magnuson revisited our approach but stayed to the north. Dean is more eager and tolerant of the hike-a-bike. I got this picture sent to me. Nicely done!


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