Trail-less in the Pah Rahs

Today’s ride took place above Sparks’ D’Andrea golf course, south of Canoe Hill. The ride climbed through the now defunct golf course and slowed neighborhood development. This is a sad sign of the times but economic prosperity may be coming with recent developments bringing Tesla to Northern Nevada. For now we are ensured access to our public lands along eastern Sparks without exclusive neighborhoods limiting exploration of the Pah Rah’s rugged canyons.

We rode along jeep roads and social single track some of which would be claimed by the Canoe Hill Trail Association. For the most part we stayed to the dry and rocky washes which were excellent paths for our fat bikes. These tight rugged canyons provided challenging terrain, protection from the binding wind and a sense of solitude and remoteness only miles from the city centers of Reno and Sparks.

Evidence of wildlife was limited. The open range must have cattle, we saw some deer droppings and tracks, and one jack rabbit. We saw a pair of golden eagles and noisy ravens. Reptiles and invertebrates were scarce on this chilly winter day.

The fat bikes were a great tool for riding this area. A  conventional mountain bike would be limited to the trails and fire roads whereas the wide tires of the fat bike can link roads within the Pah Rah range. Today’s ride was at least half trail-less.

Exploring a steep canyon in the Pah Rahs

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